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Safety Officers Note

Welcome to 2024! As we enter the new spring season, we are greeted with a few changes from Little League International.

First, the Diamond Leader training that was required for all tournament managers and coaches last year, is now required for all managers and coaches for the regular season. It is strongly encouraged for all volunteers and parents as well. At this time, there is just the initial training, no additional modules have been published by Headquarters. When released, any new module will be required.

Second, Little League is rolling out the updated Child Protection Initiative which now requires that volunteers are trained in child abuse recognition, prevention, and reporting on an annual basis. For California, we have already been doing that. What is new, is the time frames set forth by Little League. For the spring 2024 season, the child abuse prevention training must be done after October 1, 2023. This coincides with the Data Center reset which is done each year in preparation for the new spring season.

We have had a very good record as a district on safety. This does not mean we relax, but continue to be vigilant in observing potentially unsafe situations, actions, or practices. Bring these to the attention of your League Safety Officer as an incident report or a near miss. We do track all injuries and near misses, and if we can identify a trend, we can make a change in training or policy to address the situation.

If a player, properly rostered manager or coach, or other volunteer has to cease participation in a practice or game, an accident/injury report shall be made and forwarded to your League Safety Officer, even if no professional medical service was required. Anything that causes one of our players or volunteers to stop participation needs to be documented.

Let us all have a great, fun season of baseball! Play Ball!

Dan Bamsey
Safety Officer
District 68

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District 68 Safety Contact
Dan Bamsey, Safety Officer