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District 68 Umpires

The Little League volunteer umpire is the backbone of District 68. Veteran Little League umpires will say the highest praise they receive is a “good game, blue,” comment from a child. For the Little League volunteer umpire, that is more than adequate compensation.

These pages are dedicated to you, the umpire, and our goal is to provide you with everything to make your umpiring experience the best it can be.

2019 Blue Crew Dates
Blue Crews
Sun Feb 24th
The Ranch Sports Grill
Ladera Ranch
Sun Mar 31st
All-Star Pizza
North Mission Viejo
Sun Apr 28th
All-Star Pizza
VIejo and South MV

Small Diamond 3 Man Mechanics Big Diamond 3 Man Mechanics Big Diamond 4 Man Mechanics
Small Diamond 3 Man Mechanics Big Diamond 3 Man Mechanics Big Diamond 4 Man Mechanics

District 68 Tournament Umpire Forms

Do you umpire Junior, Senior, and Big League games? Sign up here for games. If you do not yet have a password, follow the link on the sign up page to register. Click-->
Little League Umpire Resource Center at Complete resources for the Little League volunteer umpire. Here you can read the rules, join the Umpire Registry, and more. Click-->
Want to "up your game?" Attend Wester Region's One Week Adult Umpire School in San Bernardino. Spend a week learning the two man game, and living the Umpire Brotherhood. Click-->
Here are helpful hints for both the novice umpire, and the old vet. Read this 14 page Umpire Guidelines booklet, and learn just one thing you didn't know before. Print it out and read it over coffee. Click-->
Little League University for Umpires. Here you will find short videos on proper mechanics, and clarifications on some of the more unusual situations you may encounter. Click-->
Rules Need to brush up on rules? Here is an online resource you can use. Three versions ready to print out, in case you do not have a Green Book or need to quickly look something up. Click-->
Volunteer Form

Have you been thinking about umpiring? Would you like to give it a try? Contact your local league using one of the links below. Then come back here to learn more.

Umpire Contacts
Bob Boatright, Umpire in Chief:
Rick Alleman: Assitant Chief
Scott Goodman, Umpire

Local League Chief Umpire Contacts
NMV-Jeff Corrao
RMV-Greg Creamer
SMV-Tori Yokoyama
Trabuco-Nathan Vaca
Viejo-Mark Fischer
Santa Margarita-Joe Lancina
Ladera-Scott Hemp
San Clemente-John Nicolosi
San Juan Capistrano-Paul Tuck